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On December 29th last year I turned 50. Recently divorced, weighing 187 pounds and my daughter leaving for college, I was feeling a little down. While on Facebook I saw an ad for KAIA Fit Sacramento. What grabbed my attention was it was program for women only. The promotional video was informative and not full of Barbie Dolls.

On January 3, 2011, I walked into KAIA Fit Sacramento. There I was greeted by Casie Neitling, the owner of KAIA! Instantly I felt a sincere connection with Casie. Casie explained her passion for fitness and her desire to help woman of all ages reach their fitness goals. We were given an overview of the different levels of exercise; KAIA, strength and balance. This overview put me at ease as I could be old and slow and still benefit from the workouts. From day one I was hooked. After the first 6 weeks known as a “BRIK” I had lost 18 pounds and my energy level had increased.

Every workout is different! I never know what I’m walking into. We could be running, doing yoga, squat thrusts or the infamous plank hold. Because of this, our workouts never get old. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next. I’ve pulled fire hoses, pushed trucks and flipped tractor tires! Never in my life would I have imagined doing any of this.

In January, I was not a runner! I actually hated running and as a result walked a 17 minute mile. Now I can run a mile in under 12 minutes. This past September I participated in the Iron Girl Triathlon in South Lake Tahoe. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined doing triathlon. I owe these successes to KAIA Fit and the positive encouragement I receive from the coaches and beautiful ladies in my workout; Karla, Carol & Diane to name a few!!

As mentioned, in January I weighed 187 pounds and wore a size 14. Now I weigh 139 pounds and wear a size 6. I’ve gone through my closet and gotten rid of my big clothes. Most of these were black in color and long sleeved as I didn’t like to show my arms. Now I wear color and don’t mind showing my arms. I actually feel feminine for the first time in my life!

KAIA Fit has made such an impact in my life! I can’t believe where I’m at today! Now being 50 is awesome! I’m KAIA Fit & 50! A great combination!

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