Kaia FIT Sacramento: Erin U

I started Kaia in November of 2012. Thank you Groupon! I come from a background of running and mountain biking. I have participated in runs from a 5k to an ultra-marathon, 8 hour mountain bike races, a 24 hour mountain bike relay (team of 4) plus countless shorter distances. I showed up to Kaia feeling like I would be able to handle whatever they could throw at me – I mean I was in the middle of training for a trail ½ marathon while trying to heal a broken rib. What could be more difficult than that? Bwahahaha! What a ding-dong I was! I could hardly do a push-up – or really anything else that involved upper body strength. I was intrigued, exhausted and just trying to keep my breakfast down most mornings. I LOVED it!

I loved the intensity of the workouts, but as the first session was winding down I was getting nervous. I was nervous to commit to Brik. 5 days a week? I was scared! Once I mentally committed to Brik I never looked back. The food component was eye-opening and so helpful. I thought I knew what to eat and when, but having new recipes and accountability was key. Even with all of the activity I was doing previously (running and riding) I was always fighting a stubborn 15-20lbs and I never appreciated what my body was capable of accomplishing. Also during my first Brik I learned to love Flow days. Initially I was frustrated and found it hard to slow myself down, but by the end of Brik I was looking forward to them both physically and mentally. The dissatisfaction with my body gave way to an appreciation for new muscles and new skills. I did lose 9lbs that session and that was great too.

I have always trained for some kind of race or event. In this last year I have not trained for anything and yet I have trained harder than I ever have. I know it is sappy, but I have learned to appreciate the journey and not just the finish line. I signed up for a boot camp style workout on Groupon but what I got was a life-changing, soul nurturing experience disguised as a shirt drenching workout. I am as surprised as anyone by the affect it has had on me. Best $29 I ever spent.

Thank you all you awesome Kaia babes – you have rocked my world!

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