Kaia FIT Sunrise: Casey L

My Kaia experience started when I saw some friends post on Facebook about the fun they were having at their Kaia workouts. When a new Kaia location opened up just down the street from me, I tried the no-risk, free workouts. I was hooked.

It felt amazing to workout in such a positive and team oriented gym. My body/muscles could tell that the coaches knew what they were doing. The coaches said, "just show up and work!" I did that- and the soreness and fatigue turned into strength. My old inner athlete was starting to come back; I was not too old or too far out of shape. I started to notice that Kaia was transferring into other parts of my life. I made better food choices, I looked for ways to get more active, and I took on bigger challenges. I can often hear Coach Amber's voice in my head, reminding me, "you are stronger that you think you are!"

I have been doing Kaia for more than a year now and am still challenged every day. I know that the Kaia Coaches and my teammates are here to support me every step of the way!

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