Training Tips for Running

Training Tips for Running

by Kaia Coach Laura

Joke time: How do crazy runners go through the forest? They take the psycho path. 

Running is a great way to get fit, feel better and even form new relationships with other runners. Starting a new running habit doesn’t have to be hard — all it takes is a comfortable pair of shoes and a willingness to move a little or a lot, all at your own pace.

Here is some of my advice to become the best runner you can be...

  • Cross training at Kaia FIT
    • Core strength training, TRX, yoga and weights all make a gal a much stronger runner. 
    • We also run during most classes so if you think you are not a runner, think again.
  • Eating healthy and do not skip meals. Smart carbs, vegetables, fruit and enough protein to keep building muscle. Lay low on the fats and sugar. Drink a lot of water. While running, it is also very important to fuel and hydrate your bod for the best results during and after a run.
  • Speed work. Time for some speed and tempo training at the track. Find a flat stretch of road and accelerate for 15-20 seconds. Once you approach top speed, gradually decelerate back down to a jog. Repeat four to six times and take a minute or so between repeats to catch your breath and get ready again. Remember, these aren't all-out sprints, but short accelerations.
  • Hill Repeats - one of my favorites! Before you get started, make sure you warm up. Start running up the hill at your 5k effort pace. When you reach the top of your hill, your breathing should be labored and your legs should feel heavy. Turn around and recover by easy jogging or walking down the hill. Repeat six to eight times, depending on your experience and fitness level.
  • Stop worrying about your times during your training runs. Worried running can do a person no good.
  • Don't skip your Kaia Flow or Barre days- proper stretching is essential. 
  • Take off those head phones and enjoy the sounds of nature or even a great conversation with a running pal Safety!! As women, we need to be aware of our surroundings at all times. 
  • Shoes - get some running shoes at your local running store. You can even have them look at previous worn shoes for wear and have a gait analysis done.  Your running shoes need to be different from your Kaia Core workout shoes. 
  • Lastly sign up for a race, this will help you with accountability!

Enjoy and have fun!!!

Coach Laura has 35 years of running experience. This includes competitive running during elementary, middle, high school, and college. She still likes to compete and has run several half marathons as well as ultra-trail and adventure runs.  Of course, 5 and 10k's are also favorites. She coached a children's run camp while she lived in Illinois. Laura has been a Kaia Run Team Koach for nearly 3 years and she also leads and coaches the RTO and Tahoe Ragnar. 

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